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Glass Straight Sided Jar

Glass Straight Sided Jar

Cream or Lotion Glass Straight Sided Jar w/ Wooden Lid | 1.76oz (50g) • 3.52oz (100g) | Cosmetic Packaging


1.76oz (50g) • 3.52oz (100g).


Available Color: 
Matte Black.


• w/ PE Insert, provide double security seal.
• w/out PE Insert.


• Natural Ash Tree Wooden Lid.
• Anti-Slip thick bottom.
• Wide openings for easy filling. 


Our Glass Straight Sided Jars are made with thick heavy duty glass and provide a complete UV protection than clear containers, an elegant, classic, vintage and professional appearance with ash tree wooden lid. 


If you are looking something to show off your skin care products, this is the wonderful choice for any salves, balms, creams, lotions, serums. The black matte exterior can help to keep them fresh and stable. All prices include white lined lid. Jars are sold empty.

  • Shipping:

    Estimated ship weight: 6.5 ~ 7.5 oz. Ready to ship in 1 business day. Most orders placed prior to 7AM CST ship same business day. 

  • Dimensions:

    for 1.76oz Diameter 2.5" (65mm), Height  1.69" (43mm).
    for 3.52oz Diameter 2.75" (70mm), Height  2.1" (54mm).

PriceFrom $6.99
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